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KODI (Kontextsensitive Dienste in globalen UMTS Diensten) – a German abbreviation for Context-aware Services – is a project whose goal is to introduce the concepts of context-awareness to services in the UMTS environment.
Context-awareness describes the ability of a service to adapt to the situation of the user. As a result, interaction with the user is optimized and the acceptance of mobile services is likely to increase.
UMTS stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System and denotes the Third Generation of cellular telecommunication networks. It evolves from today’s widely deployed GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications).
The KODI-Project is a joint effort of Siemens AG Corporate Technology, Apollis interactive AG and the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich and is partially funded by the State of Bavaria (Bayerische Staatskanzlei).

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In this project, the MNM-Team cooperates with the following Munich-based partners:


  • Beginning: 2002
  • Finished by: 2004


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