Mobility & Policy for Siemens (MOPS)

The mobile telecommunication sector has evolved rapidly during the last decade, spawning new technology, standards and constantly evolving business models and services. While telephony is still by far the most important service, networks providing higher bandwidth to the end user allow the deployment of sophisticated value added services.
To allow a seamless operation of these services, providers need to implement inter-domain service and device management. The advent of (hitherto mostly desktop-based) wireless technologies such as Wireless LAN (aka WiFi) and Bluetooth add to the heterogeneity of the networks and thus increase the management challenge.
The goal of this project is to analyse the application of policy-based management techniques to 4th Generation mobile communications infrastructures and devices. This includes the development of distribution concepts for policy-based management architectures as well as an evaluation of suitable policy languages.


In this project, the MNM-Team cooperates with the following partners:


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