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Adaptive Configuration and Fault Tolerance - Policy-based Update Management in Smart Home Environments (PUSH)

At the same time as devices in the information and communication technology branch are getting more and more complex, more and more self-management functions are intgrated into hard- and software, hiding much of the complexity from the user. In this project, we investigate the cooperation of external control and self-management.
One goal of the project is to establish a classification of systems with self-management functions. Therefore, metrics have to be defined for the various criteria. The work shall result in an evaluation sheet, that enables the comparison of such systems. Engineering disciplines such as automotive engineering, aviation and space technology shall be investigated for concepts, that are promising to apply to IT systems management.
The knowledge, gained in the first part shall then be applied to a practical problem. The chosen scenario is the automation of update management in Smart Home environments. Update management is therefore modelled as a generic process independent of application domain. Policies allow to control the update management process.


In this project, the MNM-Team cooperates with the following partners:


  • Beginning: September 2005
  • Finished by: March 2007


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