Dellinger, J. (2018):

Streaming Multicast Authentication with TESLA and ESP on Linux

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects devices of different sizes, including very small-scale and constrained devices. While certain resource-intensive tasks can be outsourced to more powerful devices, establishing and maintaining an authenticated communication will always be a requirement for nodes of the IoT ecosystem. Achieving multicast origin authentication is a particular and perpetual challenge in the present time. A proposed solution is the usage of the TESLA protocol. It is based exclusively on symmetric cryptography and provides multicast origin authentication to receivers in a delayed manner. Within the scope of this thesis, TESLA was implemented and integrated with the IPsec transport protocol ESP on a Linux based platform. In addition, possible bootstrap processes were designed with the help of existing IPsec protocols, including IKEv2 and Group-IKEv2. It was tested and evaluated based on different scenarios with the help of the FIT IoT-LAB. As a result, two prototype TESLA and ESP libraries have emerged and can be used in future projects.

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