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Mach, C. (2014):

Urgent Computing in a Grid Environment using Globus Toolkit 5 and SPRUCE

The demand for Urgent Computing arises from emergency situations requiring large amounts of computing power easily and quickly. Grids or Supercomputers can provide this computing power but usually there is a longer wait until access is possible. Urgent Computing allows Grid users the prioritized usage of resources in case of emergencies. The currently only available Urgent Computing software is SPRUCE (Special PRiority and Urgent Computing Environment) which covers Globus Toolkit 4, a prominent Grid middleware. Globus has been updated to its fifth version while SPRUCE is still running with the previous release. This thesis approaches the subject of adapting SPRUCE to the current Globus Toolkit. The differences between the two versions and the general developments regarding the technologies used are examined. From the theoretical evaluation of SPRUCE and Globus can be gathered that SPRUCE is adaptable to Globus Toolkit 5, which is proven by implementing the necessary changes and documenting the setup.