Meixner, W. (2019):

Portierung und Entwicklung eines CC3200 Treibers für RIOT-OS

In the current day and age Wi-Fi is everywhere. With developments to manufacturing cost and efficiency, Wi-Fi has become a more viable option for IoT systems. These systems offer the benefit of using preexisting IEEE 802.11 infrastructure commonly found in households and businesses. Unfortunately, most if not all such embedded systems rely on closed source driver implementation potentially limiting the utility, security, extensibility and future proofing of these products. RIOT OS, a popular IoT OS, provides integration for a number of networking protocols, but lacks this omnipresent IEEE 802.11 standard. In this thesis the possibility of a RIOT based open source IEEE 802.11 driver for an embedded systems is evaluated on the specific Texas Instruments CC3200-launchxl board. The process of adding new hardware, CPU and board abstraction layers is conducted. A new RIOT GNRC IEEE 802.11 layer is added and the communication between the MCU and its network co-processor is examined during the creation of the driver. The mostly software based driver strifes to provide a MAC Layer socket, which is then connected to RIOTs general network stack. The goal of this thesis consists of three distinct components. A port of the CC3200 board to the RIOT OS, a driver allowing for Wi-Fi communication on the MAC Layer and an IEEE 802.11 RIOT extension allowing for rudimentary frame parsing.

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