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Rehms, S. (2018):

Dezentrale Datenverteilung mit TPM-basierter Authentifizierung

By utilizing the potentials of an interconnected world, a transformation of the industry has been initiated. Changes issued by the implementation of an Industry 4.0 have impact on the current production landscape. New requirements for infrastructure, communication and data exchange are identified. Essential for increasing production efficiency towards more autonomy is the implementation of these requirements in a secure way. In this interconnected world reliable data distribution becomes a central factor for secure and economic Industry 4.0. In this thesis three models are presented to analyze data management and distribution: Information Groups, Logical Connections and Data Flows. Informational Groups adapt aspects of the Reference Architectural Model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) to propose recursive management shells as an easy way for transparent data management across companies and production sites. This work presents a concept along with a proof of concept implementation for a decentralized approach for data distribution to improve availability. By reusing already available basic building blocks, the Block Exchange Protocol (BEP) is adapted to this industrial use case. For further hardening of the underlying cryptographic primitives, Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) are included as secure key storage as well as to generate cryptographic keys. As part of this thesis, the TPM connection is realized by adapting interfaces and libraries to enable applicability in the context of BEP. This hardening prevents the compromise of private keys. Recent publications such as Heartbleed, Meltdown, or Spectre emphasize the necessity to secure sensitive information like private keys.