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Baur, T. (2008):

Functional Analysis and Architecture for Interoperable and DVO-specific Grid Monitoring Services

Grid operations rely on monitoring services fed by a multitude of sources. These services provide relevant information about the status of the resources and the quality of the services in the infrastructure. In a Grid, they must disseminate this information across multiple administrative domains and heterogeneous technical platforms to users organized in different virtual organizations. In order to achieve this, data must be translated and homogenized dynamically. It must furthermore be tailored and processed in a controllable way, based on its allocation to virtual organizations. To resolve these requirements for the application of Grid resource monitoring, we propose functional modules, which conduct automated data migration and classification based on dynamic virtualization policies and define the composition of monitoring data related to virtual organizations. The resulting system enables an interoperable provisioning of specific monitoring data about the status of distributed Grid resources and services to dynamically changing virtual organizations.