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Garschhammer, M., Schiffers, M. (2005):

Integrated IT-Management in Large-Scale, Dynamic, and Multi-Organizational Environments

Integrated IT-management has been a challenging research topic for several years now. However, integrated management of today's large-scale, dynamic, and multi-organizational IT-systems is still in its infancy. To overcome the difficulties management solutions for such environments have either been re-done from scratch or simply ignored. It would be desirable to re-use well-established management solutions as far as possible. But it is not at all clear, when to re-use, how and what to re-use, or what to re-do from scratch. One of our research goals is a respective decision support. Based on two real scenarios we propose as a first step a methodology for systematically analyzing management approaches for the purpose of determining re-usability. In a two-dimensional portfolio, management cases can be positioned, and thus categorized, and their deficiencies when evolving towards other environments can be analyzed. We demonstrate the technique for an example.