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Gögetap, B., Schaaf, T. (2007):

Requirements and Recommendations for the Realization of a Configuration Management Database

In IT Service Management - as it is proposed by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) - Configuration Management is considered a vital discipline for effective support of IT service operation, well directed response to incidents, successful planning of changes and controlled roll out of software releases in an IT environment. The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) therefore has to serve as a comprehensive knowledge base containing information on IT services, hardware, software and much more.

The requirements on a CMDB are manifold. Today, various tools from different vendors exist, but none of them may claim for itself to fit every imaginable demand. That is why, in practice, individual CMDB solutions are developed.This paper presents a first move in giving generic, conceptual recommendations for implementing or customizing a CMDB solution, based on the requirements that have to be fulfilled.