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Hanemann, A., Schmitz, D. (2004):

Service-Oriented Event Correlation - the MNM Service Model Applied to E-Mail Services

The paradigm shift from device-oriented to service-oriented management has also implications to the area of event correlation. Today's event correlation addresses mainly the correlation of events as reported from management tools. However, the correlation of trouble reports from users needs to be addressed as well, because different reports could have the same cause. In such a case the reports could be linked together and a processing has to performed only once. Therefore, the response time for trouble reports could be improved and service level guarantees could be kept with less effort. We refer to such a type of correlation as service-oriented correlation. In this paper we motivate the necessity of such a type of correlation. We use the MNM Service Model, a generic service management model proposed by the MNM Team, to retrieve an appropriate modeling of the necessary correlation information. To show the benefits of the service-oriented correlation we present a real-world scenario, the E-Mail Service offered by the Leibniz Supercomputing Center.