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Hanemann, A., Jeliazkov, V., Kvittem, O., Marta, L., Metzger, J., Velimirovic, I. (2006):

Complementary Visualization of perfSONAR Network Performance Measurements

Research backbone networks are currently used by a variety of scientists and research projects interested in maximizing the benefit they receive in using the networks. Therefore, it is highly desirable for them to get access to network performance monitoring data which is prepared to serve their needs. The perfSONAR measurement framework, which is jointly developed by the EU-funded GN2 JRA1 project, Internet2, and ESnet, has developed a prototype for measuring a variety of network performance metrics such as utilization, one-way delay, one-way delay variation, packet loss, available bandwidth, and others. Corresponding measurements are currently carried out in the contributing research networks in a prototypical manner and will be installed on a regular basis in the future. For the visualization of measurements a set of tools is under development which is in the focus of this paper. The design of the tools is carried out to serve the interests of the broad user community and uses best practices gained from a survey of visualization possibilities.