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Hanemann, A., Sailer, M., Schmitz, D. (2005):

Towards a Framework for IT Service Fault Management

IT service providers - either research institutions or commercial providers - offer IT services based on the behaviour of resources like the network infrastructure. To satisfy the customer demand for high service quality, which is specified in terms of Quality of Service parameters, the process of diagnosing and resolving resource failures affecting the service quality is a critical issue. Problems with the service quality in this sense differ from problems in the area of network and systems management in that a service may be available, but performing poorly. In this paper we are addressing a framework to effectively deal with this issue. It consists of components and interactions between them which are required to perform the service fault management. A real-world scenario is used to derive the requirements which have been applied to the component identification. An analysis of the state-of-the-art highlighting the contributions and deficits of existing frameworks and approaches wit respect to their applicability to the framework is also carried out.