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Kemmler, B., Kranzlmüller, D. (2015):

Redefining the Cloud Based on Beneficial Service Characteristics - A New Cloud Taxonomy Leads to Economically Reasonable Semi-cloudification

Cloud services promise benefits for customers and providers such as scalability, elasticity and reduced investment costs. Unfortunately, many of the promised benefits are not fulfilled by today’s cloud offerings and not every service can be cloudified, e.g. if the service’s intrinsic structure contains unavoidable time-consuming or manual tasks. A new cloud definition, based on a survey and comparison of existing cloud definitions, but derived from beneficial cloud characteristics, leads to a service-oriented understanding of clouds and provides an extension to the usual cloud service types. The characteristics of the given cloud definition uncover the so-called ”MOUSETRAPS” of cloud services. The term ”semi-cloudification” for the transformation of services towards a cloudified state presents a solid foundation for further discussions on the topic and enables the improvement of non-cloudifiable services by semi-cloudification. Even services which partly consist of unavoidable time-consuming or manual tasks qualify for semi-cloudification.