Kirchler, W., Schiffers, M., Kranzlm├╝ller, D. (2009):

Harmonizing the Management of Virtual Organizations Despite Heterogeneous Grid Middleware: Assessment of Two Different Approaches

Coordinated problem solving and secure resource sharing in dynamic ensembles of organizations is critically dependent on the concept of virtual organizations (VO). However, as grid systems continue to grow in scale, exhibit greater dynamics, and become more heterogeneous, managing VOs on a grid scale becomes an increasingly difficult challenge. This is not only caused by different VO-philosophies and different middleware technologies, but it is also due to various authentication and authorization schemes. In our work we aim at harmonizing the VO management within and between these heterogeneous setups. To better understand the necessary building blocks we have realized two alternative solutions. The first one is based on an integrated approach, the second one introduces an additional abstraction layer as a proxy between VOs and the grid middleware. Both concepts have their individual advantages and disadvantages. The results of the respective assessment indicates that a combined solution may be beneficial.

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