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Metzker, M., Schaaf, T. (2011):

gSLM: Challenges in Service Delivery Management and Service Level Management in Grids

In today's information technology infrastructures Service Level Management (SLM) is considered a vital discipline of IT Service Management. Only by having a framework for establishing a common understanding of services and the manner in which they are used and provided, can next generation IT infrastructures (e-Infrastuctures) maintain a sufficient "customer satisfaction" on a sustainable level. However, SLM has not been successfully implemented and deployed in any of today's e-Infrastuctures. To remedy this situation, Grid environments are seen as a very promising starting point. In this paper we outline the challenges when adapting SLM from traditional infrastructures for the use in Grid environments and how the gSLM project will help in adopting SLM to Grids.