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Tavares de Sousa, N., Hasselbring, W., Weber, T., Kranzlmüller, D. (2018):

Designing a Generic Research Data Infrastructure Architecture with Continuous Software Engineering

Long-living software systems undergo a continuous development including adaptions due to altering requirements or the addition of new features. This is an even greater challenge if neither all users nor requirements are known at an initial design phase. In such a context, complex restructuring activities are much more probable, if the challenges are not taken into account from the beginning. We introduce a combination of the concepts of domain-driven design and self-contained systems to meet these challenges within the system’s architecture design. We show the merits of this approach by designing an architec- ture for a generic research data infrastructure, a use case where the mentioned challenges can be found. Embedding this approach within continuous software engineering, allows to implement and integrate changes continuously, without neglecting other crucial properties such as maintainability and scalability.