Yampolskiy, M., Hommel, W., Schmitz, D., Hamm, M. K. (2010):

Generic Function Schema for Operations on Multiple Network QoS Parameters

Graphs are often used to model interconnected topological objects with different connection properties. Path finding in a weighted graph belongs to the classical problems of graph theory. Whereas the addition of the edges’ weights as an aggregation and the interpretation of a smaller resulting sum as the preferable path works very well in applications like path computations, e.g., for road maps, it is not always applicable to those connections in computer networks that need to fulfill multiple independent Quality of Service (QoS) criteria in parallel. Until now, usually a special – and often manual – solution has been implemented for each new service with different QoS parameters. As the development of novel customerfaced network services often relies on different connection properties and their combinations, a generic treatment of QoS parameters becomes a critical factor for rapid development and network service rollout. In this paper, we present our proposal for treating multiple independent QoS parameters in a similarly fashioned way. Our work is aimed to foster routing algorithms that are considering multiple connection properties and corresponding constraints at the same time.

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