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Seminar Topics

List of Topics

Topic 1: WebAssembly in HPC

Topic 2: Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs)

Topic 3: Trace-baced Automated reasoning: Comparing ProVerif and Tamarin

Topic 4: Digital Two-hand control: A survey of fool-proof security mechanisms

Topic 5: Compilation of Quantum Programs

Topic 6: Qubit Mapping and Routing

Topic 7: Graphical languages for quantum computing

Overview of different flavors:

Topic 8: Quantum error correction with topological codes

Topic 9: Quantum Software Engineering

Topic 10: Quantum advantage

Topic 11: Ossification of Internet Protocols

Topic 12: Fairness of Congestions Control between TCP and QUIC

Topic 13: Trends in Personal and Body Area Networks

Topic 14: An Overview of Pervasive Computing: Areas and Communication Protocols

Topic 15: Measuring Mental Workload in Virtual Reality Training

Topic 16: The Effectiveness of adaptive Virtual Reality Training

Topic 17: Scientific computing on Nvidia's ARM-based Grace CPU and Hopper GPU

Topic 18: European Chips Act: RISC-V Vector Architectures

Topic 19: Homomorphic Encryption on Quantum Computers

Topic 20: Multivariate group signature schemes