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Polack, C. (2019):

An IoT Test Bed with Heterogeneous Embedded Platforms and Network Technologies

Small, efficient computers, known as IoT devices, have become increasingly important in the professional and academic worlds. In order to ensure that these devices can function under various and often limited conditions, both the software and the hardware must be rigorously tested. Test beds are, for reasons of convenience and consistency, frequently used to test such devices. \gls{iot} devices often employ a plethora of network technologies to communicate with one another as well as the outside world; ensuring that nodes can communicate effectively and securely is especially difficult in a heterogeneous environment. This thesis examines different existing test beds as well as their limitations, and documents the design and implementation of a test bed at the University of Munich. The documented test bed was implemented using customized open source software created by the FIT Consortium in France and focuses on the interoperability of different network technologies and the associated challenges. In contrast to many existing test beds, it also provides the network infrastructure necessary for communication between devices using different network technologies. The finished test bed allows students and faculty to test their software on a number of devices and network technologies simultaneously without unnecessary overhead or needing to be physically present. The test bed is currently independently run by the University of Munich; an integration into the overarching FIT infrastructure is, however, planned for the near future.